Living Abroad

I have just checked out my Pinterest account. And, I decided to search for “apartment window Paris” and those pics there really took my breath away.

I have dreamed living abroad since I was a kid. Well, maybe not living the entire life but simply a year or two, to study or work there for a while.

Back then, I almost spent about a month in France, during the World Cup. But I didn’t win the quiz held by the French Embassy back there in 1998. It was funny ‘coz from my answers, everybody thought I would win. I was rather disappointed when I didn’t. But well, it was OK.

Or, no, it wasn’t that OK. Mom told me recently that she prayed that I had lost. Why on earth did she do that? Well, it was because I had told her, if I had won and gone to Paris, I wouldn’t want to go back. And, it scared her. Yeah, I shouldn’t have mentioned it to her.

So, I didn’t go to Paris or anywhere else in France. In fact, I haven’t been abroad. Poor me.

But, still, somehow, I still have a dream living abroad. New York, London, and of course Paris, those are the cities I would choose to spend a few years — or a few months, or well, a few days, maybe? — in.

I imagine myself living in a vintage apartment. And I write with my desk near the window so I can see outside. Or, simply sit on the windowsill, reading a book or making a phone call home.

If you could live abroad, which city would you choose?

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[Book Review] Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries #1Dork Diaries by Rachel Renée Russell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before reading, I took a peek on what people said about this book here at The first impression about the main character was not so good. They said, she was a brat.

The thing is, my daughter had read it. Feeling responsible for what she read, I decided to finally took it from the shelves after some back-and-forth.

And, I have just finished it and decided that it is not that harmless for my daughter to read–well, we might need to discuss some part of it, but it’s OK. And, it’s quite entertaining, too.

However, maybe, for some parents, I suggest you read it first before giving it to your kids, just to make sure.

BTW, I might buy Dork Diaries #2, if not for my daughter, maybe for me. ;)

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I am a Writer

OMG. I have just realized that I can now call myself a writer. I am a writer. Because I make a living by writing. Isn’t it great? After all these years?

What do I write?

Anything. TV series, short stories, novels, blogs. Simply everything.

And, I enjoy it. Alhamdulillah. Thank God.

I am a writer.

Am I Really a Writer?

Source of pic: click HERE. (fyi, I encourage you to click it and read the article. I like it.)

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